Rabu, 15 September 2010


Aigo..♥♥..Tae Jun VS Chi Hoon!!!hahaha XD * i can't choose (>_<) They are my fav Ulzzang!!^^

Oh,My God!!they are a real Kottboda Namja!!!They are so Handsome!!They both make my heart swoon and can't stop flutter!!Omo Omo...(>.<) when first time i see Ulzzang photo's
 my attention was quickly grabbed by chi hoon oppa!! (>//<) But after that i see the more photo's my heart was grabbed by Tae Jun and Tae Gyun!!hehehe...But still Chi Hoon Oppa in my heart's hahaha*

Wanna help me guys?Hahahaha...what about you?who's the best?Tae Jun or Chi Hoon Oppa??

Because today I'm so happy...In here i want to share you Ulzzang Bio hehehe :)

1.Lee Chi Hoon

Name : Lee Chi Hoon
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 57 Kg
BD : 4 April 1988
ฺฺBlood Group : O
Ulzzang and Momzzang *cool!!*

2.Mikki/Youn Joo

Name : Lee Youn Joo
BD     :  31 Januari 1991
Personal Favorites: People/Heroes: God, Family & Friends
Books: Manga & Manhwa Books
Authors: Yuu Watase, Ken Akamatsu, Miki Aihara & Oda Aya
Music Genres: Pop, Rock, RnB, Jazz, Ballad, Hip-Hop, Acoustic
Bands/Artists: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Arashi & Pipo Angels
Songs: Okaeri, Love So Sweet, SHINee
TV Shows: Phineas and Ferb, Dating Now & Zettai Kareshi
Movies: Meet The Robinsons, The Da Vinci Code, Kung Fu Hustle
Games: Arcade Games
Sports: Soccer, Tennis
Colors: Black mix with White
Pets/Animals: I don't have any.
Season: Spring, Autumn, Fall, Winter, Summer
Food: tteok bokki, kimchi, ramen
Drink: soju!

I like Mikki why?because she have anime'ish eyes..and she look so cute like dools (>//<)
and she already modelled with Chi Hoon Oppa!~~And now Mikki be a models in http://girlsholic.co.kr/...^^

Another Ulzzang??hahaha..next time i can tell for you guys~~^^ wanna slep now hahahaha XD Annyeong!good night and sweet dream!!~~^^

안녕히 주무세요 달콤한 꿈 ♥♥♥♥*Elysia~~^^*

~~Park Tae Jun/The legend~~

A fuck yeah dedicated for the famous ulzzang, Park Tae Jun [Joon] (박태준). :D He currently models for a fashion site called Aboki. He was featured on an episode of SBS Star King as a lookalike of F4's Yoon Ji Hoo, Mnet Scandal as T-ara's QRi's made believe boyfriend, a music video, an episode of ComedyTV, Ulzzang ShiDae Season 2, Ulzzang ShiDae Season 3 as a special guest, and in a TV series called 꽃미남 주식회사. He also own two cats named Angee and Hyori.

짱 (jjang): Korean slang that means "best." Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean and the word is used both online and in real life. Basically, an ulzzang is someone who has a very attractive face, but most people use the term to describe people who have become popular for their looks. 

Many people said Tae Jun oppa was Legend..i don't know why hahhaa...But Tae Jun Oppa so cool *i think*

Aigo~~cool right?Menurutku yeah!!hahahaa....Omo Omo...Handsome^^

Selasa, 14 September 2010

~~Lee Chi Hoon~~

Finally...!!Hm...This my best Ulzzang hohoho XD...He's so cute and haenseom...^^handsome**
Lee chi hoon oppa...He's momzzang too  *clap hand guys*
Chi Hoon was very kind too...hehehe...wae?  because i think like that...hahaha...Anio,just kidding..soalnya kemaren sempat WTW dengannya...orangnya baik banget...ehehe...pertama waktu di kasih tahu sama Tae gyun  soal dia buat account sempat ngak nyangka hahaha lebay...
Waktu di ajak wall di balas and yang paling bikin aku ngak nyangka itu dia Nge-Like-in album yang isinya ft Ulzzang semua di Profil aku..Kya!!! bener2 ngak nyangka hahaha*kok jadi curhat?hahaha....

Check this out guys...hohoho...



he was known for his striking similarity w/ kim heechul of super junior..

here's a pic a friend of mine thinks why..

Name : Lee Chi Hoon
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 57 Kg
BD : 4 April 1988
ฺฺBlood Group : O

he's a model of ulzzang (얼짱).. meaning his one of the best looking guys of korea..
The most famous ulzzangs may earn celebrity status. Some ulzzangs may even become real celebrities by going into acting, singing, or modeling careers. Two examples of former ulzzangs are Goo Hye Sun and Park Han Byul.

The two most known zzang categories:

Ulzzang/얼짱: Based on the face. 얼굴 (ŏlgul) means "face" in Korean.

Momzzang/몸짱: Based on the body. 몸 (mom) means "body" in Korean.

Lee Chi Hoon is in both categories. He's unforgivingly thin but yet he's in the momzzang. =)

think he has the looks & charm to be a great model.. ^^>
~known for his looks & style in magazine
~now is known for his twin-like resemblance w/ kim heechul (suju)

I disagree hehehe....weo? because i think Heechul Oppa was Ippo gwa haenseom  *beautiful and handsome*
and chi hoon oppa was kyeopta  *cute* hohoho*i think~~~^^

What about you guys?^^

~~Lee Tae Gyun~~

Hy,guys...capek juga yeah...mau nyari hal tentang Tae Gyun...setelah nyari2 di segala web akhirnya nemuin ini...hehehehehe...Hmm,kalau di facebook susah juga mau ngomong sama dia hehehe...soalnya dia paling ngak suka di tanya tentang kepribadiannya...Cuma setelah di ajak2 ngomong..orangnya baik bener...I belive that...hehehe....asik loh ngobrol sama dia...orangnya ramai saja..hehehe...Cuma terakhir online dia bilang ke aku dia masuk RS*omo,omo get well soon Tae gyun..ajja ajja fighting!!!* Yang paling bikin aku tambah suka ngefans dia ngasih fotonya ke aku (kya!!!) hehehe walaupun lewat FB...aku minta satu dianya kasih 2 hahaha..But gomawo Tae gyun!!!hahaha....

Let's check this guys...!!~~^^   cuma aku ngak tahu ini antara antara siapa saja hahaha   Mian Guys*bungkuk90derjat hehe^^*

Formspring replies
lol i finally found the formspring~xDD
bahaha u sure do upload a lot of pictures~<3
they’re beautiful btw~:D ulzzang ftw!
i tried register in cyworld but there’s no register thingy~D:
btw ur pretty~<3 <3

Well, the formspring was on suspension for a while, which may be why you couldn’t find the link :’D
Yes, a lot of photos are uploaded here, haha. When I don’t have anything to do (which is a lot- I’ve had a lot of free time lately, wow), I end up uploading pictures onto here.
Cyworld has been pretty difficult to register with, lately, huh? Perhaps it’s just going through a bit of construction, but lately you can’t even upload your documents to prove your identity if you’re a foreigner (at least, I can’t), and the only option has been to enter your cell phone number and have them call you with a confirmation code (which, is very hard to understand if you’re don’t know much Korean- I suggest studying a bit before trying this, haha).
And thank you! :D
How old are most ulzzangs?
Well, there’s a big age-range as ulzzangs have been around for some years. But in terms of ulzzangs in their height of popularity, they’re around the ages of 16-20.
is lee tae gyun a girl or boy?
Tae Gyun is a girl. :)

can you identify him for me please? :)))
Hmm, I actually don’t think this is an ulzzang, so I don’t know. ^^; He looks like he’s Thai or Chinese, but he’s very cute so you could try your luck on a Chinese or Thai Net Idol thred. *O*
hi, can you post ulzzang style, like pictures of clothes that they wear and where to get them please. thank you!! ^^
Well, most ulzzangs have a separate sense of style and their clothes often come from Korean shops (or very expensive shops, we’ve all seen Lee Chung carrying around the Prada bags :x). But I can sometimes posts links to those shops that the clothes come from, if that’s what you mean. :)

Hohoho..yeah,Tae Gyun is a Yeoja!!but she's keep COOL and Haenseom...
Tae gyun is a tomboy korean school girls hehehe^^